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Cactus Spirit is a celebration of the beauty and resilience of cacti through commissioned art and the build of a community.

We believe that this art should have a personal meaning and be shared with the world. To accomplish these two attributes we have designed a line of t-shirts and other items to begin this project, the Cactus Spirit collection.

Our commissioned artist, Joshua Ellis Walker was given the task of creating an interpretation of six (6) specific cacti. These cacti were then embodied with a set of distinct characteristics that are portrayed perfectly through their surrounding spirit ring. Each cacti was born with a true essence, a personality to be adopted by its human patron.

Take our fun interactive Quiz to reveal your Cactus Spirit and then don your Cactus Spirit t-shirt to display your core self or just wear the art that makes you feel like you in that moment.

Our products were chosen based on quality, price, range of sizes, sustainability and environmental friendliness. We are working with an on-demand printer who meets this criteria and happily provides some sustainable and environmentally friendly options such as a t-shirt made with recycled materials and another made of 100% organic cotton. 

Join our Cactus Spirit community and share in the beauty of all cacti! 


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